Sunday, June 27, 2010

Six Twenty Seven Twenty Ten: Twenty Two

Scary Spice.  That's my daughter.  She's twenty two today, and driving her brand new "Spicy Red" car.  Pictured below with her cupcakes (oven broken:  No MOM cake) and her best cousin/friend.  They're third cousins, but they're also friends down to the soul.  It was a lucky, lucky thing for them to end up in the same class in high school, next to each other alphabetically.  It wasn't until parents' night that we discovered that the "R" she was talking about was the daughter of The Attorney's second cousin.
They have brought the families close together, and we are all grateful.
Bless you, dear R.
And Happy Birthday to my wonderful Older Daughter.  Twenty two years terrific.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six Eight Twenty Ten: Good Lord, THAT THING IS HUGE!

Seen on the way to Chicago...somewhere in Arkansas, I believe, but maybe in Missouri.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Six Six Twenty Ten: A Room With A View/Pairodocs

We are lucky to have wonderful friends and family members in the Chicago area.  The closest relative is The World's Best Bleeding Heart Attorney's brother, Opera Man.  He and his spouse, (with whom he becomes "pair-o-docs") live in a lake view condo.  We saw them briefly while we were there, but they had other weekend plans far they let us have the condo.  Gorgeous lake sunrises, beautiful afternoon views, it was all ours for the asking. Below are morning and afternoon shots through the window.
We love them and thank them for their generosity.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Six Four Twenty Ten: My Coffee

Anyone who has wasted any spent time  following my blog for the last five years knows that coffee is very important to me.  I cannot settle for a cuppa from the diner.  I have to have good, fresh coffee and the feeling of community that goes with a nice coffee shop.  Everywhere we go The Attorney gets dragged around looking for coffee for me.
We scored quite nicely in Chicago-several great, independent, fair trade coffee shops.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Six Two Twenty Ten: More Chicago

The school that we saw and wished we had sent our children to was called The Nettelhorst.  It is in the East Lakeview section of Chicago.  We were fascinated by the fabric tied to the gate posts all around the school yard.  The explanation hanging on the fence was essentially that the rainbow of fabric swatches is a shout-out to the neighborhood-so diverse and inclusive.  Indeed, we felt very much accepted and safe there.  Feast your eyes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicago-May 2010

The World's Best Bleeding Heart Attorney and I love Chicago.  We have family and dear friends there, and it's just our kind of place.  We love a city.  This past weekend we spent a lot of time in the neighborhood surrounding her brother's lakefront condo.  This neighborhood has what seems to be a wonderful school in it, with lots of outdoor art.  Behold: