Monday, February 17, 2014

A Hard Look

Scary Black Kid I
Scary Black Kid II
Clearly Up To No Good

Parents of black kids have been posting photos on Twitter to emphasize how ridiculous it is that by their very existence, our children are frightening and threatening to others.  Many people more eloquent than I have commented on the Dunn verdict in the last few days.  I have sat here, sputtering and spewing and finally came to the conclusion that I have really nothing more to offer than more evidence of how scary black kids really are.  Behold the terrifying trio that are my family:  my Older Daughter, my Younger Daughter, and my grandson.  His photo I find especially chilling because he has on those sunglasses.  Clearly, he is hiding something.  And if you look at them, you will see the "impact resistant" sticker still on them.  That's probably a gang sign, or, at the very least, proof that he is expecting to be in some kind of altercation.  Otherwise, why would you need "impact resistant" sunglasses?

See those weird square hats on my kids' heads?  Obviously, they cannot be real commencement garb, because everyone knows that there is no way they could have graduated from anything.  That one on top is pretending to graduate from Smith College with two degrees.  That rainbow pin on her gown?  More proof that she is threatening.  She may say it's because she is proud of her diverse family, but you and I both know that it means something much, much worse.  Probably a member of a car-theft ring.  And there we are together the day she pretended to get her Master's in Social Work, so she could help adopted kids.  She's probably just looking to find new, teenage thugs to help her with whatever trouble she's getting into.

The one in the red hat and holding the baby is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  She may say she graduated from high school against all academic odds, she may say she's in college working on a degree in Criminal Justice while raising a son with her partner who works two jobs to support all three of them, but anyone who knows anything knows that this is not possible.  I mean, just look at how cold and hard she looks in these photos.  Obviously a seasoned thug.

These are my children.  This is my family.  These are the people about whom others speak as if they were less than...worse than...scarier than...

Take a good hard look.  Now ask my why I cry.


Susan Ratner said...

Yep. They are scary alright. Thanks for the post.

puppyfur said...

What a great post. I feel just as you do. Sometimes I get so frustrated about it I want to strangle someone. I've just caught up with your last twomposts, both of which were so beautifully written. Thank you. X

jo(e) said...

Ah, well said!

kathy a. said...


Unknown said...

Sent here by my BFF Amy Sawyer. I feel you. I feel you hard. My kid? My kid has the nerve to not only be a scary black person, but ALSO an immigrant. The nerve!