Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Speak His Name

Daniel. Daniel. Daniel. I read a horrible story (to which I will not link) about the death of a young child at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend. I couldn't finish the article, because I cannot read about the details of child abuse without coming totally unglued. Call me a sissy. I have a dear relative, and now several friends, both in real life and through the blogging world, whose precious children have died. One of their common desires is for their children not to be forgotten. As hard as it is (and who am I to call it hard?) I make sure I don't shy away from conversations about their children who are gone. I send notes and texts and emails and poems whenever I can, just to check in and let them know that I haven't forgotten that their daughter or son existed. I do this because it's the only thing that I can do that might make a difference or ease their pain. There is nobody looking for this in Daniel's family, so I'm asking for it myself. If you have a minute, please speak his name. If you keep a list of those for whom you pray, or who you just hold in your thoughts, please add Daniel's name to the list. If you, like me, know that honestly where he is now (whether or not you believe there is "somewhere") is better than where he was for 4 miserable, long, pain-riddled, hungry years, then please send him kind thoughts. Daniel. Daniel. Daniel.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful thoughts. Daniel.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I believe. Saying his name right now loud and strong.

I also totally believe on here his abusers will end up.

Steph Lovelady said...