Monday, January 9, 2012

January 10, 2012. Sixty.

Sixty is here.  I have so much.  I am healthy, happily espoused, and the lucky mother of two wonderful young women that I can call forever mine, as well as a slew of peripheral young'uns.  I have a home that I love, a job that I love, warm blankets and dry sox and clean unmentionables, every single day. 
I remember a time many moons ago when my beloved father was struggling with addiction, and I looked at his fight and thought how lucky he was.  He was lucky because many other men, of his age and without money or health insurance or any resources or a loving family, died every day from the wreckage of alcoholism.  I thought then, as I do now, that I was born under a lucky star.

So what does 60 show?  Gray hair?  Well, yes, a few.  But mostly...not yet.  Wrinkles?  Check.  I have eyelids and other part that sag are not so perky any more.  My feet tire easily, but my heart not so much.  I have more patience than I had at 50, more peace than I had at 40, more money than I had at 30, and more brains than I had at 20.  Fewer malted milk balls than I had at 10.

I sit in my den, the remnants of an afternoon fire evident on the hearth over my shoulder.  The house huffs and puffs its own warm sounds, and the deep breath of a very large dog reminds me that I am never truly alone.  The occasional car streaks by the front window, splashing up a winter rain in its wake and tearing my attention to the street.  It's late.  It's quiet.  I am content.  My breathing has slowed for the evening, my eyes are begging for mercy.  As I prepare to shut them for the night, I am met with this image.  A lucky star, indeed.

Happy Birthday

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

This is Bear.  Since January of last year, I have been a volunteer at our local, city animal shelter.  On occasion, when a dog gets a cough and there is the threat of spreading the germ, I take her/him home to foster until s/he is well.  Bear is one such dog.  You cannot see from the photos the magnitude of this dog, but trust me:  he's big.  He's a sweet, beautiful pup whose people saw fit to dump him on the street to fend for himself.  He's been at the shelter since early December.  He doesn't have great manners yet, but we are working on them.  I hope to have him re-homed as soon as we cure his cough.  Happy New Year, Bear!