Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Dear Julian,
You laugh!  You don't just laugh because you're happy, which is so endearing, but you also laugh at something.  When you were bored in Whole Paycheck Foods the other day, I put my face out of sight, popped it back in your line of vision, and said, "Hey!"  You burst out laughing!  No matter how many times I did it, this beginner's version of peek-a-boo made you laugh.  Last night, you were unsettled.  I brought you into the kitchen where your other grandmother was fixing dinner, laid you on the counter, looked down at you, and played patty-cake with your little hands.  It made you laugh really hard.  The two of us, your loving grandmas, were so delighted by the sound of your laughter.  You are such fun.  We are going to record it on my phone next time, but til then, here's a smiling photo.
My Smiley Boy

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liz said...

Oh, such a sweetie!