Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Changing

I awoke that morning with a feeling of anticipation, excitement, and joy.   I didn't know what to expect.  The World's Best Bleeding Heart Attorney and I dressed for a long day of driving and visiting with many of my family members.  On our annual pilgrimage to their part of the world, which is always chock full of amazingly warm, enjoyable, rejuvenating visits, this day on the ocean with my brother and his family never disappoints.  The food is always incredible (my sister-in-law is a fabulous cook), we always discuss movies, tell stories, and enjoy the entertainment provided by the littlest members of our family.   Our arrival at their home this year would come on the heels of this morning-one that dawned bright and clear, with the promise of ocean breezes urging us out of our nest and onto the road.  Before we got to their house, we had an appointment.

We pulled into the parking lot.  I saw it.  A late model Japanese car, sparkling in the fall sunlight, clean as a whistle and empty. The Attorney and I got out of our rental car, closed the doors in unison, and headed for the heavy, glass double door.  Each of us grabbed a handle, and threw open our side.  Another set of doors, and we were in.  My eyes scanned the room, and immediately settled upon a face so familiar, yet so unique.  A huge smile, a happy wave.  I knew her immediately.  We walked quickly toward one another, I dropped my purse and my camera bag on the table near her, and we embraced for a long, long time.  We would step back and look in each others eyes, and hug again, tears streaming down both of our faces.  Then the same process with the Attorney.  I sat next to her in the booth, the Attorney went to get us coffee.  I pulled out the laptop and started showing her pictures of my daughter.  Her daughter.  OUR daughter.

After 16 years of mystery, and only 10 days since we found each other,  I was there, in a little town in the middle of nowhere, eating breakfast with my daughter's birth mother. 

You may wonder if they look alike.  See for yourself.


kathy a. said...

oh, wow. how amazing. xoxo

robin andrea said...

Truly wonderful.

Val said...

Oh! Chills. I'm so happy for you all, Yankee and (Now-Even-Bigger) Family. :)

ccw said...

I read this twice and cried both times. You are such a strong and loving partner, mother, and friend. This is a truly amazing experience for your family. Thanks for giving us a glimpse.

kathy a. said...

they just look so much alike.

what a moving, wonderful meeting.

i can't even imagine what is going through YD's mind. so very much for her in a short time. you and TWBBHA have had her back forever, and now she has still another mama, the original one who cared enough to be sure YD had a good home when she wasn't sure she could do it. hugs all around.

liz said...

No wonder you knew who she was as soon as you saw her.

I'm all choked up.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are just such an amazing woman. Yeah for you and the birth mom!

And they totally look alike!

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