Sunday, June 6, 2010

Six Six Twenty Ten: A Room With A View/Pairodocs

We are lucky to have wonderful friends and family members in the Chicago area.  The closest relative is The World's Best Bleeding Heart Attorney's brother, Opera Man.  He and his spouse, (with whom he becomes "pair-o-docs") live in a lake view condo.  We saw them briefly while we were there, but they had other weekend plans far they let us have the condo.  Gorgeous lake sunrises, beautiful afternoon views, it was all ours for the asking. Below are morning and afternoon shots through the window.
We love them and thank them for their generosity.


Your Happy sis said...

Well, those sure are lovely photos. If you'd told me that was Chicago I wouldn't have believed it.

Back to your famous quinoa salad recipe: do you prefer flat leaf parsley or regular parsley. I've tried both, and the flat leaf parsley makes it taste a little less like tabbouleh. I prefer it. Also, have you tried this with the red quinoa? Again, not quite as good in my book. Lastly, I find that after a couple of days in the fridge it loses it's zing a little bit. I added a bit more salt and lemon juice, and it came right back again.

I absolutely love this stuff. Thanks again for the recipe!


me again said...

I meant "ITS zing". Dumb typo

Yankee, Transferred said...

I knew you meant "its"...I totally knew it.

1. I don't care for parsley-I use the curly because I can use less.
2. No, I have not tried the red.
3. I have found it loses its zing-adding lemon has helped for me, too.
Glad you like it. I made it myself this weekend.