Sunday, April 18, 2010

Four Eighteen Twenty Ten: Socializing

We had a very social weekend. On Saturday we hosted my friend of longest standing and some of her family. Since they are out-of-towners, we made the obligatory pilgrimage for ribs and barbecue. YUM.
Today we had my good friend, "E'erbody", as we call her, join us for coffee and CBS Sunday Morning. After that our favorite neighbors came over for brunch, which involved an inordinate amount of fresh fruit and a delicious quiche with Gruyere and Black Forest ham, which I made in honor of my father who loved to cook, and LOVED Gruyere. The day was gorgeous-cool, breezy, sunny and clear. The fruit was unbelievably fresh and juicy: pears, kiwi, pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and two kinds of melon. I always like a little fresh lime and mint with my fruit, so I put that out as well. Even if your guests don't choose it, it looks great on the table. I don't like to make fruit salad-I think everyone has ONE kind of fruit that they always end up picking around, so we just cut the fruit up and put it out all over the table, and everyone can make her/his own combination. Today, I just had kiwi, strawberries, pears, mint, and lime. It was all sweet and luscious.

Later still, our good friend Music Store Owner came over, supposedly for dinner...we were not hungry enough to cook a big meal, so The Attorney made her a fabulous sandwich of fresh turkey breast, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and some of the Gruyere from this morning's quiche on Ezekiel bread!!

We love to entertain-join us for a weekend sometime and we'll make sure you're well fed. (And Susan-the skies are very blue in Memphis these days-you should come see!)


concretegodmother said...

what gorgeous fruit! the fresh food all sounds delicious and nourishing, along with the fellowship. we enjoyed a similar pick-up lunch and conversation today. yay for this weekend!

always happy to see a post from you. :-)

kathy a. said...

sounds, looks, and tastes like a gorgeous weekend!

your description of the sandwich just brought a rush of memory for a particular turkey/avo sandwich i haven't tasted in over 25 years. when i was pregnant with daughter, overseas, i wanted nothing, NOTHING more than one of those sandwiches, on fresh SF sourdough -- although i had by then been away from SF for several years.

Scrivener said...

Love that shot of your table. It's so difficult to take interesting photos of food, I thin.