Saturday, March 27, 2010

75-80/365 Three Twenty Seven Twenty Ten: For Cat

On my facebook page, my fabulous niece the inimitable Cat, clothing designer extraordinaire and all-around cool person, said, "You're always doin' something!" These first 6 photos are for her. They are the before and after of my front garden, which was ignored for over a year while I was busy avoiding a melt-down. Avoiding a melt-down took all my energy. Anyway, in response to Cat saying that I am always doing something, I said...ok, so this weekend I'm going to paint a room and plant my front garden! 1/2 done.

The top two are BEFORE.

The middle two are one hour into the project

Done! Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Cat said...

I had a backyard in my old apartment, but everyone was too self involved to actually do anything about even though we all talked about how nice it would be. congratulations!

AmpersandPrime said...

Nice work!

Jessica said...

Very nice work; so inspire me!