Sunday, March 21, 2010

61-72/365 Three Twenty One Twenty Ten: Catchup!

The cool used book store in my favorite part of my little area has a great window display right now-all the book covers are blue. I have window displays of clusters before-biography, mystery, politics, etc., but I have never seen one that was strictly visual. I love this window! At first I didn't like the reflection being so prominent, but I grew to like this photo.

...and this one. Sort of. But not as much as the other one.

Anyone who has followed this blog or its mother-blog in the Five! Years! since I started blogging will know that I love coffee. I love coffee shops, coffee cups, and all things coffee. Imagine my delight when a new breakfast and lunch place opened and I got to go with my beloved to meet a dear friend for COFFEE yesterday morning! FUN! The coffee was DELICIOUS. I had cappucino. YUM. At any rate, this photo and the next few below were taken inside the new shop. We'll be back. It was very bright and airy. Loved it!

Coming soon, across the street, is a restaurant serving "Low Country" Food. I have not yet experienced the pleasure, but I am sure I will love it! I pretty much love food. It runs in the family.

Guess you can tell what the place is called, anyway!

In the restaurant where we had our morning warm beverage, they are creating a shop. It has a superb looking cheese case, wonderful homemade breads, specialty get the picture. This part of town is known for its restaurants and independent shops. We have had a shortage of moderately priced eateries down there, but that is changing. Face it-nobody has money to burn.

Exit here.

I photograph this tree nearly every year. This year I am going to try to photograph it often to record the progression. This picture was taken on Wednesday, March 17th

This picture was taken on Saturday, March 20th. The bare tree to its left is a gorgeous white dogwood when it is in bloom. You will see then the tulip magnolia a deep, dark green. The contrast is striking.

I discovered this wasp nest under my porch ceiling the other day. How does one get rid of this?

This unholy mess is one of the pieces of desk in my cube at work. At a point, I had an office. Then we moved. Everyone from managers on down went into cubes. Recently, my new boss suggested an office again. I actually like being out with the other people. The offices are too isolating for me. The ony good thing is I would have bookshelves for all my crap. Look at all the pictures! It is obligatory for my coworkers to bring me photos of their children, plus I have my own family all over the joint.

Bari is a favorite place of the Attorney and me. They have a wonderful bar with a terrific bartender, and although we don't drink much or often, he remembers us every time. Since her MS diagnosis, we drink even less. We both miss our Friday evening Cosmopolitans with Brad.


Anonymous said...

Wasp nest: at this time of year, the wasps are probably gone. Take a broom, knock it down, get it off your porch. If the wasp is still around, repeat those steps but then run like hell. This works for me!

RageyOne said...

Just knock it down with a broom or something.

Susan said...

The bookstore windows are great! Who could believe the blooming tree- thanks for the dates of the photos!

Audrey Mango said...

These are great! I especially like the colored shops outlined through the rectangular windows. That's nice framing. And I always like the progression of blooming trees!

I'm sorry to hear about the Attorney's MS diagnosis. I can't imagine that's easy. However, you give the impression of an indefatigable family. I will keep you in my prayers.

Susie K. said...

There is a kill-the-wasps-and-their-nest-spray that squirts up to 20 feet. Our neighbor used it with great success last summer. I remember he told us that the wasps are at their quietest at dawn and dusk, that's a good time to attack. I love Bari too.