Sunday, February 14, 2010

34-45/365 Two Fourteen Twenty Ten: CatchUp, WorkAround (Pick a Bale of Cotton?)

My computer is still jacked up. I'm really sad. I have to slide into The Attorney's computer before she fires it up in the morning or while she's getting ready for bed at night. Otherwise I'd be blogging at work, which we all know I would NEVER do! I do have my work laptop, but because life is uncertain at the best of times, I don't store precious photos on it. You never know when you will wake up and your computer will be getting restaged by IT and given to someone else while you languish on the unemployment lines! Heaven forbid my photos would only be stored there!

My friend, Tall Pretty Blonde, is off on a several-month adventure of travel with her beloved, and I have been cyber-stalking her blog, Facebook page, and email! She linked to my photoblog the other day, which inspired me to figure out how to get this thing rolling, despite the challenges. So here we go-I've put up a photo for TPB and will add 11 photos below.

We spent 2.5 hours (sad, but true) yesterday in line to get our cars inspected. We thought we were being clever by 1. going mid-month and 2. going EARLY morning on Saturday! HA! I would say there were easily cars number 90 and 91 in line. The Attorney had her Bluegrass music and a book. I had the soundtrack to Boys on the Side and 3 days of unread newspapers. We both had our phones. We were entertained, but oh-so-annoyed.

Younger Daughter has a huge research project to do in order to graduate from high school. The topic she chose is Adoption. She came over yesterday to get some books and videos, along with a tuna sandwich (she only likes mine) and some guidance. Her dog was thrilled to see her.

The yellow sleeping dog below is my dog, Thankless Dog Number One. There are few photographs of this neurotic beast because she is afraid of the camera. In fact, as soon as I took this picture she was up like a shot and hiding in the kitchen! Even though I rarely use the flash, she HATES the camera.

The bookshelves have a story. My dear uncle, my father's only brother, lived in New York in a rent-controlled apartment for decades. His apartment was filled with lovely antique furniture and rugs, and some not-so-lovely but wonderfully serviceable book cases. When he died in November of 2001, he left the contents of his apartment to my sister, the fabulous Grandma Blue. She and her husband had a house full of furniture and offered everything to The Attorney and me. We have reupholstered everything, and have stacked the bookshelves all over the house. We both owned a TON of books when we got together, and each had boxes of them in storage. Our large house and plentiful shelves have allowed us to bring them all out, and we love them. We both love to read and are book addicts. We use the library, but not as often as we should. We end up buying books.

The white mug in the photo was a birthday gift from me to The Attorney several years ago. I thought it only fitting to use it today, Valentines Day, when I made her tea.

The brown mug is mine. I love the rich, melted-chocolate color of it, and the handle is nice and large-I like to slip 3 fingers into my cup handle, and this more than accommodates them. Plus, it's really good for wrapping the left hand around to warm it while I drink my strong, hot coffee.

The angel was a gift from Tall Pretty Blonde. She holds bird seed. She was all grey when we got her, and the weather has chipped some of the grey off to reveal the brick color underneath. She is nesteled in our front garden, next to the rosemary.

The profusion of roses is my Valentine's Day gift. They are all over the house. Although I love red roses, I don't have a great history with them lasting. These are stunningly beautiful, I think. Enjoy the pictures.


Your (still impatient) Sis said...

Lovely photos.

Still waiting for the quinoa recipe.

kathy a. said...

oh, such great photos!

Susan said...

Thank you for pics of the angel. She got to the right house!! Love hearing the details of the day!