Friday, February 26, 2010

55/365 Two Twenty Six Twenty Ten: Mmmmorning

I have had, in my almost 8 years here, several early morning coffee rituals, all of which have been changed by the sands of time. The places go out of business. Right now my ritual is half-decaf, half city roast from WFM. Made at home. Easier in cold weather, probably less expensive, but not nearly as social. I miss my coffee buddies.


jo(e) said...

But I bet your house smells great in the morning!

(I don't even drink coffee but I love the smell of it.)

Susan said...

I know that coffee maker, and it makes the best coffee! offered by the best coffee maker!

Barbara said...

I miss that about working. I used to run into the same people, ordering the same things every morning. I miss them.