Wednesday, February 24, 2010

49-53/365: Two Twenty Four Twenty Ten: Old and New

I have trouble doing the multiple-photo catch up. I have pictures on the memory card in the camera, but the camera is downstairs and I'm too freakin' lazy. So here's a series of mish-mosh photos.
Because, as we know, I don't have enough to do, we fostered a puppy for a few weeks this winter. Younger Daughter found this sweet puppy trotting down the middle of a busy know what happened next. Here they are, posing together just hours later.
Next comes Flower Girl, blowing a kiss. Flower Girl got a full scholarship to a wonderful, small, liberal arts college in New England. She's so happy and excited. The kiss is one of gratitude for the help she thinks we were. All we did was encourage.
I like the red and blue sign downtown. There's really no story to it.

The last 2 photos remind me of each other. One is here in Memphis, and the other is in Paris. The effect of the trees painted on the buildings intrigues me.


Barbara said...

They are all great photo's. The bottom one though, that is my favourite and I want my house to look like that!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Barbara-that building in Paris is directly across the street from where my Older Daughter went to school last year. It's breathtaking!

ccw said...

The photos are beautiful!

I love that the puppy came home. As I would tell Mr. MFBA, what did you want me to do just leave him all alone?

The Flower Girl picture is probably my favorite. I love seeing how she has grown over the years. I'm sure you gave her more than encouragement and she will love you forever for that.

Scrivener said...

Love that shot on top, especially.