Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fair Ladies

Today was the annual crafts fair in a local park. It's one of my favorite early fall outings, and this year the weather was just perfect-warm and dry with a nice breeze. Some years, it's so hot we are dying for shade. Today? Lovely.

This persimmon tree, with its ripe, juicy fruit just begging to be eaten, was causing problems for the vendors below. They had to put up market umbrellas to keep the falling fruit from breaking their wares-and their heads!

This wonderful lawn sculpture caught my eye. I love the face!

This photo doesn't do the booth justice. It was too sunny and I was in too much of a hurry to adjust my world to take a great shot. Colorful, though...


kathy a. said...

yay! great to see you and your photos back! i love the lawn sculpture.

my word verification is "backs."

ccw said...

I love the pictures! You always make me want to be there with you.