Friday, March 6, 2009

Snow Porch II

Snow Porch II
Originally uploaded by Yankee T

I hate snow. No, but I really mean it.
Have I mentioned that I have never been a flag-waver until this year? I haven't. But now I proudly fly the American flag on my front porch.

Yes, even in the snow.

Today it was 70 degrees. Go figure


robin andrea said...

I was surprised to see the flag, then remembered we'd had an election and the world changed. Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Great shot. I hate snow too.

Cloudscome said...

Beautiful snow photo. I trust it's all gone now and you are back to daffodils.

AmpersandToo said...

the colors backdropped by snow -- quite the contrast.

ccw said...

Beautiful picture!

I would love to put up a flag but I want to do it with a light so that I can leave it up all the time. Alas, I have been to lazy because there is no place on the house to just hang one.