Sunday, August 31, 2008

234/365+1:Airport Hug

234/365+1:Airport Hug, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

We have lots of these pictures of Older Daughter and me at the airport. She's been traveling alone for years. I think this is a nice one, if a bit too pink. I'll play with the color before printing it.


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to believe. I remember when you went to Texas to get her. It's been amazing to watch you all these years, soldiering on, so much of the time just the two of you. THen the three of you. Then with the attorney, 4. Then 5. Now the 11 (!) of you! You are my hero(ine), dear stronghearted woman.

Love you so much.

kathy a. said...

so sweet.

Sandie said...

I have lots of pic of my oldest at the airport too, she seems to constantly getting on or off a plane and has since she was about 13. I love the smiles in this shot.

MademoiselleM said...

Une tres belle photo Maman. I like it this way, I look bronze and you look tan... oh la la. Tu me manques (I miss you.)