Tuesday, July 29, 2008


211/365+1:Throwback, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

For some reason, my complicated life has gotten in the way of my photography. I still put my camera in the car every day, I just don't seem to be driving around for the purpose of taking pictures. So I keep digging into files from recent days or weeks to pull out something to post. I guess I can't be faulted for doing the best I can, and for-some days-just putting one foot in front of the other.

My blog, my choice, I suppose.


Gawdess said...

when you are posting the beautiful pictures you do, like this serious eye candy, I am not going to be complaining and frankly...I am here for the amazing pictures you do, but uh, I am here first and foremost because YOU are HERE!
so there.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I hear you -- sez she who hasn't posted a picture in weeks :(

concretegodmother said...

is is your blog and your choice. you get to make your own rules. and if you have to take a shooting break, then you just do it. the urge will come back, and so will the time and energy for it. i haven't even been doing this a year, and i've already had to take a break or two here and there. the key thing is that i'm shooting more than i ever have before, and even when i'm not shooting, i'm looking and observing and noticing. and it's not like you're not still posting -- you are, and, as gawdess noted, they're beautiful.

Karin said...

You get through however you get through. Just keep posting one way or the other! I'd miss your posts if they stopped! I love this shot though - all the lines are so wonderful to look at.

Ampersand said...

your blog, your rulz. :)

i love, love, love the lines and colors in this shot.

these days, i must confess, i don't always get to shoot everyday. lots of complications on my end too (mostly happy ones).

Scrivener said...

I've been in kind of a similar place, actually, and I really haven't even been looking at anyone else's blog either. I think the 365 requirement to take and post a picture each day is a good one, up to the point where that pressure is positive pressure that keeps you creative and focused. But don't let it cause you any undue anxiety, at that point, it's best to bend the rules as you see fit and give yourself a breather.

I like all the business and color in this shot.

Anonymous said...

Is this the city where you live? What a great photo!

Nice going, Sis!

Hang in there.

Sandie said...

Great shot, I am in a similar boat too, just now getting 'back in the swing' I hope :) Love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture. I think most of us have either skipped a day or two or used file pictures - nothing wrong with that. It's about posting pictures, not pressurising yourself when you've already got enough to worry about. The pictures you post are lovely, your girls are beautiful and you've just got to survive as best you can.