Saturday, June 21, 2008

171/365+1:The OTHER Mayflower

171/365+1:The OTHER Mayflower, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

I am a hotel whore. From my very early years, I have loved hotels. Whenever we are in a city with fabulous hotels I have to go into the lobbies and surround myself with opulence. We did not stay at this hotel, but we sure enjoyed the view.


kathy a. said...

i also love the over-the-top, aged but marbled, high-ceilinged hotel lobbies. why not admire beauty?

i've only ever stayed at such a place for work, and it was only because it offered an incredible "government" rate even for contractors, and damn, was i lucky back then. plus, it was convenient to where we needed to be. those days are gone.

from away said...

I've always loved hotels, too, and especially the excessive/upscale ones. Not so much for staying (but that's certainly fun, too), but for observing the almost surreal created environment. It's the main reason I like (one of) our local-ish casinos.

Great pic.

Ampersand said...


Marlene said...

Gorgeous! I want to stay there!