Friday, June 20, 2008


169/365+1:Me?, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

In 2002, we took our first 2 daughters to DC on our way from Boston to Memphis. All over the city were donkeys and elephants. We found only one set on this visit-are they all gone, or are we just looking in the wrong places?


Ianqui said...

I don't live in DC, but I know that cities often have these displays of animals (fish, cows, in NYC we had apples...) for a time, and then they're sold to private owners. So I imagine most of them have moved on to new homes.

Marlene said...

We were there in 2005 and don't recall seeing them. Too bad, they are so creative!

Sandie said...

When we went last spring I only saw a couple, so they may not still be around.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the donkey side!


kathy a. said...

well, i have seen many a beast. there were mooses all over coeur d'alene; angels in lost angeles; hearts in san francisco; and a few months ago, i ran across an artistic cow that now graces the library of oregon state university -- i am unsure of its provenance, city-wise, but would guess portland.

in any event, i love them all. the ones you captured are excellent.