Sunday, April 13, 2008


104/365+1:Grafted, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

This photo has been seriously compromised (artificially lightened) so you can see the wonder of the old dogwood. Apparently, many years ago it was not uncommon for 2 different colors to be grafted together. This tree is half pink, half white. The shot was taken later in the evening than it should have been for maximum effect, but I hear it's going to be ugly for the next couple of days and didn't want to miss it in bloom. It's really quite a beautiful sight, if a bit freakish.


kathy a. said...

i really love dogwood. we just do not have them in california, at least not that i've seen. they were my favorite trees in charleston SC, where we lived for 4 years, and i miss them.

but i never saw pink on a dogwood. have seen some grafted fruit trees, with half pink and half white blooms in the spring.

Moi said...

that's a pretty combination: pink and white :)