Saturday, March 1, 2008

61/365+1:White Noise

Botanic Fountain, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

My close friend, Tall Pretty Blonde, usually comes for Thanksgiving. This past November, her only son was returning from college for the first time, and she naturally wanted to be home with him. We missed her terribly-the weekend was so different without her.

Instead, she arrived this past Thursday. She'll be here until Tuesday, and we are having a wonderful visit. Today it's in the 70's and as you can see incredibly sunny and beautiful. We walked the dogs in the park for a long time this morning, and in the early afternoon went to the Botanic Garden for lunch and to see the daffodils. Right outside the visitor center is this great fountain. It makes a lot of noise. TPB and I just stood there, watching and listening for a minute.


kathy a. said...

really wonderful you are having such a great visit from your good friend.

ccw said...

Yeah for a visit from a wonderful friend.

I cannot wait until something brings me in your direction. I am dying to sit on your porch.

Cloudscome said...

Beautiful! I could listen to that for awhile. So nice to share with a friend! I love your sky pics this week too.

jonty said...

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