Thursday, February 28, 2008

59/365+1:Red Dog Talks

59/365+1:Red Dog Talks, originally uploaded by Yankee T.

The Red Dog is The Attorney's Dog. She is the most obstreperous of the three. She also has the best personality. Sometimes when The Attorney is rubbing her jowels, she makes a great, yawn-like face and noise, which I caught on camera.


Ampersand said...


nice catch.

Marlene said...

Sweet doggie!

kathy a. said...

red dog is a beauty! and very expressive!

Gawdess said...

red dog made me yawn!
pretty effective photo.

Moi said...

sweet!!! i love dogs!!! all kinds of them :)

and what is obstreperous?? :DD
i'll have to look that one into online dictionary!!!

Jenevieve said...

She's a gorgeous dog!

Susie K. said...

I wanted to make a comment about obstreperous too! My dad uses that term all the time to describe his dog. Even to little 8-year-olds in his neighborhood..
Child: Does your dog bite?
Dad: No, she's just obstreperous.
Child: (Blink, blink). Will your dog hurt me?

Susie K. said...

I have to add though, that obstreperous is the perfect word to describe Red Dog and my dad's dog.